The current healthcare delivery system in the United States is in dire need of rescue.

With The Carpathia Health Plan, physician and author Dr. Robert Dennis presents his no-nonsense approach to workable healthcare delivery plan that relies on the free market to reform America’s current healthcare system. This transparent, two-step plan empowers the consumer to make informed choices that will result in an enormous cost savings. Dr. Dennis identifies the key players and outlines the simple and strategic steps needed to implement a plan that would fundamentally restructure the current healthcare delivery system. This rescue plan will ensure that everyone will have the medical care they need.

This book explains in detail a new and innovative concept in healthcare delivery. Its implementation can be partial or gradual, but the rescue is urgent.

The Carpathia Health Plan accomplishes this rescue by dismantling the bureaucratic machinery and shifting these dollars back into the delivery of actual medical care in a simple two-step plan:

  1. Identify the six stakeholders supporting the current system.
  2. Outline a slight modification in each of their roles.

The U.S. already has the most advanced and innovative medicine in the world. We need only to correct the inefficient and wasteful delivery system. We must make this correction before the entire systems sinks because of ever-escalating costs.