What is
The Carpathia
Health Plan?

The basic concept of the plan is to rescue the health care delivery system in the United States.
Why Carpathia? The Carpathia was the only ship that came to the Titanic’s rescue and saved 705 doomed passengers.

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The current healthcare delivery system
in the US is in dire need of rescue.

The Rescue
Healthcare Delivery System for America


With The Carpathia Health Plan, physician and author Dr. Robert Dennis presents his no-nonsense approach to workable healthcare delivery plan that relies on the free market to reform America’s current healthcare system.


for all catastrophic and for all life and limb threatening conditions

Expose medical prices

for all medical care via a user-friendly website (like Amazon)

Encourage consumers

to ask providers the value of each parcel of elective care and shop value vs price

Eliminate elements

such as wasteful bureaucratic authorizations, deductibles, etc.

“I believe that the American consumer is perfectly capable of assessing value and quality in the deployment of their healthcare dollar.”

– Robert Dennis, MD

Two-step Plan

Empowers specifically the young family struggling to pay their insurance premiums. Helps them to make informed choices that will result in enormous cost savings.

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Make the future of health care better for us all

Dr. Robert Dennis

Robert Dennis, MD is an orthopaedic surgeon who has practiced medicine for 40 years…

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